"Strategic Finance Leadership - Making a Difference" webinar is another successful event by PICPA Abu Dhabi which was held online on October 22, 2021. It was the last of the 3-series free webinar for the month of October.


The topic was comprehensively discussed by our invited technical speaker Sir Loudie Falguera. Sir Loudie is currently the Assistant Vice President and Head of Finance at Wilcon Depot. He is also the President of Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) – Philippines Chapter and Chair of Publications Committee and Co-chair of Membership Committee of Association of Certified Public Accountants in Commerce and Industries (ACPACI).


As finance professionals, we were reminded of our vital role in the achievement of our own organization's success. Among the topics covered are the differences of management dominated versus leadership driven individual. He also focused on the role of finance, the evolution of finance functions and the definition of a strategic finance leadership. We hold in high regard Sir Loudie's efforts in giving us such refreshing and inspiring session.


During the latter part of the program, Dr. Ludy Eusebio Fernandez from Al Ahalia Hospital educated us regarding breast cancer. We invited her in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. We believe that everyone must be educated to end the stigma against this type of cancer.


We thank everyone who attended from different parts of the globe and to the moderators of the program.


As we stay true to our core values of professional excellence, social responsibility and others, we hope that more attendees will join us on our upcoming webinars.



While the rules on social gathering are still being strictly implemented, PICPA Abu Dhabi Chapter held its 1st virtual team building via Zoom on July 16, 2021. This is one of the most anticipated events of every PICPAn, as they welcome the new set of officers and mark the start of the new fiscal year 2021-2022.

 PICPA invited their very own past presidents who facilitated the event. Those are Mr. Johann Salangsang, CPA, CMA, CSCA, MBA (FY 2019-2020), Ms. Maria Sharina De Dios, CPA (FY 2018-2019) and Ms. Marybeth Junio, CPA, CMA (FY 2016-2017). Similar to previous team building events, they divided the group into three; Red, Blue, and Green. They gave tasks prior (i.e. creating cheering and introduction videos and posters) which they have to work on. Each team’s output was presented and scores were added on top of the scores from the games and other activities.


The program started with an opening prayer led by Mr. Aladin Masayon, CPA, Asst. Director of CPD Committee. It was followed by the welcome address of Ms. Kathleen Gonzales, CPA, CMA, Executive Vice President. The highlight of the day was the games and activities that made the participants be acquainted with each other. Even though they missed being under one roof, it was a fun and light event with lots of laughter and jokes thrown at each other.


The team that seems to be the underdog became the overall winner. The 𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐍 𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐌 scored the highest among the three groups. Their introduction video and cheering video made impact on the judges. The Red and Blue Teams who were winning on the first part of the program came in second and third, respectively. A hopeful message was delivered by the PICPA Abu Dhabi President, Ms. Loida Haydee Reyes, CPA, CMA to close the program and followed by a closing prayer by Mr. Jonas Cortez, Associate of Education Committee.


At the end of the day, what is important is they reached the goal of this event; to form camaraderie, to strengthen the commitment to serve, and to understand leadership. Inspired by this year’s theme, "TRANSFORM: Embracing Possibilities and Realizing Potentials", the new set of officers for the fiscal year 2021-2022 are now ready to take on the challenges of this upcoming year.

PICPA Abu Dhabi Embarks on its 19th Year of Excellence: New Officers and New Members’ take Oath

It is a very special day for Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) - Abu Dhabi Chapter as it celebrates its 19th year anniversary along with the Induction of Officers, and Members’ Oathtaking. A virtual ceremony was held (via zoom) on 27th day of August 2021, presided with full vibrance by chapter’s Director for Publication and Press Relations (PPR) Ms. Mildred Mumar-Nuez, CPA, CMA and chapter’s Secretary Mr. Alvin E. Calledo, CPA as the masters of ceremony, supplemented by a technical session being given by the resource speaker Coach Jonathan Oboza Petalver, founder and CEO of the The Academy of Global, President of Petalver Consulting Services, an author and a global speaker. Aforementioned happenings are just another exemplification that a pandemic might cancel plans, including face-to-face events and all other forms of gatherings, but it can never cancel the purpose of those with a heart for service and the sense of camaraderie that instills on every PICPAn.


Ms. Jesca Benevie Española, CPA, chapter’s Assistant Director for PPR led a humble prayer. Mr. Gregorio Pellosis Jr., CPA , CrFA chapter’s Director for Ways & Means started off the afternoon with a warm welcome to all 84 attendees. Attendees include distinguished guests, visitors, partners, officers, members, associates, families, and friends. The event became even more special because of the participation of the people behind PICPA Abu Dhabi’s well-built legacy, the ever-supportive past presidents and now advisers namely: Mr. Alfred Geronimo, CPA, Ms. Mylin Alonzo MILLAN, CPA, Mr. Williard Maquirang, CPA, CMA, Mr. Antonio GIMENA, Jr. CPA, Mr. Albert Prieto, CPA, CIA, CFE, CISA, CPA, Ms. Marybeth Junio, CPA, CMA, Mr. Silveriano Prieto, Jr. , Ms. Ma. Sharina De Dios, CPA, Mr. Johann Salangsang, CPA, CMA, CSCA, MBA, and Ms. Maria Angelica Alulod, CPA, CMA.


Following Mr. Pellosis’ welcome remarks, PICPA Abu Dhabi Chapter President for fiscal year 2020-2021, Ms. Maria Angelica Alulod, CPA, CMA, delivered preceding year’s report. It was filled with each committee’s diligence and accomplishments - a clear illustration on how PICPA Abu Dhabi marched ahead amidst challenging times. She thanked all the officers for their positive response for call and for involvement in the organization and for their valuable contribution, hard work and efforts on coming up with extraordinary approaches on extraordinary times brought by the pandemic. She also thanked all the members and partners for their continued support to the organization, who enable PICPA Abu Dhabi to pull through during the difficult situations. She ended her speech expressing how honored and privileged she feels to have shared the worthwhile journey in leading the organization and how proud she is for what PICPA Abu Dhabi has done and accomplished. Accordingly, Ms. Alulod also received the Golden Falcon award for successfully leading PICPA Abu Dhabi chapter for fiscal year 2020-2021.


Mr. Chad Myko Bayon-on, CPA, CMA, chapter’s Director for Professional Development and Research, discussed about the things that members could expect for the upcoming fiscal year as he presented the calendar of activities. First on the list is the technical session that’s happening on the same day to be given by Coach Jonathan, with theme “Gear Up: Increasing Win Probability in this New Digital Economy”. Coach Jonathan, awaken every attendee of the event with his very interactive and dynamic presentation – inspiring CPAs and Finance professionals to use numbers to touch people’s heart, and leaving them equipped with valuable knowledge that can be put into good use both in their professional and personal lives. “People could have been knocked down, but that doesn’t mean that they’re already knocked out, unless they tell themselves, “I quit”.” is one of those many takeaways from the sessions.


During the short break, Ms. France Ann Elia, CMA, serenaded the attendees with her soothing voice which was immediately followed by the introduction of the honorary guest speaker Consul General Marford M. Angeles, Deputy Head of Mission – Philippine Embassy, Abu Dhabi. He gave an inspirational message to all participants. Consul General Angeles also shared an interesting fact on how UAE and Philippines’ diplomatic relationship started 47 years ago, having Philippines as one of the first countries to reached out UAE after it has been founded. He congratulated PICPA Abu Dhabi for its nineteen years of service to the Filipino community in the UAE. ConGen Angeles also led the induction of officers for the fiscal year 2021-2022.


Furthermore, Ms. Loida Haydee Reyes,CPA, CMA, newly inducted president of PICPA Abu Dhabi for fiscal year 2021-2022, touched the hearts of the participants as she delivers her heartfelt inaugural address and expressed her gratefulness to everyone who tirelessly supports the chapter, highlighting the officers for their dedication. After her speech, she led the oath-taking together with Ms. Krizel Asi, CPA (chapter’s Director for Membership), and the 29 new members.


Ms. Kathleen Gonzales, CPA, CMA, newly inducted vice president, has then closed the event with her captivating speech where she also reiterates the meaning and value of PICPA National theme for this fiscal year: “Transform - Embracing Possibilities, Realizing Potentials”.

To conclude, it was an insightful and purposeful afternoon for all the attendees, and it is indeed a successful event to begin the fiscal year. But wait… there’s more! this is only the beginning. Geared up with unity and passion, PICPAn, the stakeholders, and the leaders, are now enthusiastically ready to serve as PICPA Abu Dhabi embarks its 19th year of excellence.


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