The environment in which PICPA operates is changing rapidly. All businesses and organizations, including PICPA, understand the changes, both natural and inevitable. PICPA members are realizing that the skills and capabilities needed today are vastly different from those of five years ago. Unless PICPA transforms with the time, there’s a very real risk that the organization may become entrenched in securing the shift with traditional operating structures instead of taking advantage of emerging technology and innovation. PICPA as an organization needs to be open and willing to embrace new ways of doing things to fortify its relevance to its members, the Filipino Accountants, and the Accountancy profession. It needs to transform with resiliency, agility, and innovation. Resiliency reflects our strength and ability to recover from challenges. Agility demonstrates our ability to move quickly and react positively to disruptions. Innovation is our willingness to accept and embrace new ideas, processes, and technologies to find better solutions. By being Resilient, Agile, and Innovative, we are better able to take advantage of the opportunity. By building on our transformative capabilities, we are able to dynamically shift our strength and focus to seize these opportunities and create greater value. By transforming, we are able to better shape and hone the PICPA of the future that is able to respond to the needs of all its stakeholders. These aspirations led the 2021-2022 PICPA leadership to adopt the theme; Transform: Embracing Possibility, Realizing Potential, to direct and accelerate their action towards the realization of PICPA’s mission and vision all for the purpose of providing the common build. With this theme, the new PICPA leadership also designed a theme logo that encapsulates the team’s value preposition. The PICPA theme logo is depicted by stylized swoosh which symbolizes agility, innovation, power, and motivation. The word TRANSFORM is aptly super imposed, taking on the colours of PICPA that symbolize calmness, amid uncertainties and resilience in the face of adversities. The four-shape bronze of PICPA logo representing the four sectors of the profession, interlock at the centre to form the letter S, denoting the solidarity in pursuing initiative to strengthen the relevance and competitive advantage of PICPA and its members.  The vibrant pixels emanating from the PICPA logo embody the dynamic and aggressive transformation that PICPA and its members must espouse and live through to be able to turn uncertainties into possibilities and opportunities, thereby unlocking and realizing their full potentials for growth and sustainability even during difficult and challenging times. PICPA challenges us to transform, embrace all possibilities and realize our potentials. This is an urgent call. We must respond or we will fall behind. This is our guiding principle, our advocacy, our theme, TRANSFORM: Embracing Possibilities, Realizing Potentials.