PICPA Abu Dhabi celebrates 17th Year Anniversary and Induction of Officers and New Members for 2019- 2020 with a technical session " Impact of Robotics Automation Process" by Mr..Mohamad Bachar Saidi, CMA, ACMA, CIPP - IMA Abu Dhabi President.


This event was attended by Accountants and Finance Professionals who have been challenge about innovation that is happening now and is inivetable. PICPA Abu Dhabi adheres to Reinforce our future. Together. Today.


Thank you to all our partners Fudzlicious, CPARME, Filpera, Global Travel, Tally, NAS Chartered Accountants, Century Properties and Kabayan Weekly for always sponsoring our events.


To our Labor Attache Atty. Alejandro Padaen, thank you for the encouraging message and for officially installing our officers.

Warmest thanks as well to our PICPA Abu Dhabi Past Presidents Sir Alfred, Sir Albert, Ma'am Marybeth, Sir Jong and Ma'am Shai for undying support to our chapter.

Extending our heartfelt thanks to our PPO UAE Chairman Ms. Judith Tenorio, Bayanihan Council Chairman Sir Ronald Precilla , Sir Ed Cabading our Adv. Microsoft Excel Trainor and to all our guest, friends and family.

We welcome our new members and associates, we ensure you that you belong and here we are not just an organization we are family.

Congratulations to all our Officers and Members for a successful events.