A Time to Give Back


PICPA theme for this year - “SHINE” will never be complete without proactive service to our community. We have been blessed with favor and abundance by our Almighty for all our hard works and endeavor throughout the year. Now, it’s time to share these providence.


Our gratitude to our fellow PICPAns in Abu Dhabi who did not hesitate to participate in our outreach service towards our Kababayans in the wards of the Philippine Embassy Shelter, Abu Dhabi last 2 February 2018.  A simple program turned out to be memorable filled with laughter and fun. To date, there are quite many of Oversees Filipino Workers living under the roof of the Embassy's Shelter.


The program started by introducing our organization, what we do and the reason for the outreach. PICPA Abu Dhabi President gave his opening remarks and stressed out that the event is our expression of compassion to them. After such, PICPA Abu Dhabi Officers facilitated the simple lunch and distribution of gifts.


As we are about to close the mini program, we tried to give hope to our Kababayan by making them smile and laugh even for a while. Our President’s charm made everyone excited as he uttered with humor that he finally found his forever in such event.  Just in time for the love month, the President way of inspiring our Kababayans made them crowd wild. Indeed, it was a mission accomplished, we made them feel the love of a family away from home.


Hails, to all PICPA Abu Dhabi Officers for spearheading this event in coordination with our Labor Attache Ms. Ophelia of the POLO OWWA  and to all PICPA members/previous officers who whole-heartedly supported this cause. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that life brought to them in search for a greener pasture, they felt blessed that there are organizations who show love and care, and PICPA – Abu Dhabi was one of them.


The happiness you brought cannot be measured with the value of your gifts. Continue to uphold not just professionalism, proficiency and career growth but much more touch other people’s lives.  To all of you, THANK YOU very much. 


- Al Masayon


PS. If you wish to extend help to our Kababayans under the Embassy's shelter, feel free to contact our Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi.