PICPA Abu Dhabi's General Assembly & Election of Officers for FY 2019-2020

14 June 2019 - City Seasons Hotel - 1pm to 6pm

Attention Members!

 Happy November, PICPAns!This month, we invite you to attend our virtual celebration of Picpa Abu Dhabi’s 18th Anniversary, Induction of Officers and Members’ Oath-taking.Join us as we formally present to you our leaders for fiscal year 2020-2021.Please register on this link:https://forms.gle/doamFfgtYXoYDxzQ7

See you on the 20th!

Special Professional Licensure Examination 2019

August 12-14, 2019

The Special Professional Licensure Examination will be held in  Abu Dhabi in 12-14 August 2019.


PRC verification dates in Abu Dhabi will be on 8 & 10 Aug 2019.


In relation to the above, we are looking for members (CPAs) who are willing to volunteer as marshalls on these dates:


1. Verification - Abu Dhabi - 8 & 10 Aug 2019

2. Examination - Abu Dhabi - 12-14 Aug 2019


Below are required:


1. member of PICPA Abu Dhabi

2. valid PRC ID

3. valid Emirates ID

4. Dates available


Certificates to be issued for those who will volunteer.


Please email us at picpa.auh@gmail.com for inquiries. 




PRC Updates!

CPD Compliance

Renewal of Professional Identification Card (PIC) without full CPD Compliance is accepted until December 2020



Posted on 27 December, 2018


Starting on 27 December 2018, the Professional Regulation Commission announces that its Online Services will accept payments via Over-the-counter at any UCPB branch. Validation of payment will be within 2-3 working days.

UAE VAT Treatment on Capital Asset Scheme: All you need to know

PICPAns started the first Friday of April with another session on VAT from 2PM – 4PM UAE time. The topic for the webinar was focused on the UAE VAT treatment on Capital Asset Scheme.

Our resource speaker, Sir Arnel Gagani, CPA, GCC VAT Dip, maximized the two-hour session to explain about the requirements of Capital Asset Scheme, properties subject to this scheme, documentation requirements, computation on actual use, adjustment considerations, compliance focus and deadline submission. The basis of the Capital Asset Scheme can be found on Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017 Article 60 and from the prescribed calculation in Article 57 of the VAT Executive Regulations (Standard Method). During his discussion, Sir Arnel provided sample problems and calculations to check the participants understanding of the concepts and rules.

The latest court ruling on voluntary disclosures was also discussed after the Capital Asset Scheme. Our speaker explained what is a voluntary disclosure which is also known as Form 211, when do we apply for voluntary disclosures, the penalties involved – fixed penalty and percent-based penalty and how late payment penalties are computed. Sir Arnel reminded everyone to have the tax return reviewed if you have doubts to avoid penalty charges.

It was another informative session for PICPA Abu Dhabi and special thanks again to Sir Arnel for always saying “Yes” to our invitation.

Thank you to all participants!

To God be the glory!



Webinar Series: Strategy and Strategic Planning (Part 1)

It’s another Friday of learning for PICPAns as we start the webinar series of Strategy and Strategic Planning today, March 5, from 2:00PM – 5:00PM UAE time.

The main goal of the webinar is to understand the basics of strategy, explore the components of strategic management system, strategic planning and how can Accountants contribute to strategy-making process of an organization.

Our speaker, Sir Johann V. Salangsang, began his presentation with the PICPA National theme “Filipino CPAs Rising in Solidarity Amidst Challenging Times” giving emphasis on the 6-point agenda on RISING: Recovery programs, In-house programs, Social responsibility programs, International programs, New programs and on-Going programs. He then asked the participants to key in their ideas about strategy using menti.com. Some of the answers are plan, technique, vision, formulation, action, roadmap, goals, objective, systems and many others.

The three-hour webinar gives a clearer and deeper explanation regarding strategy, the components of strategic management system, the building blocks of strategy, strategic planning process and strategy formulation process and understanding competitive advantage.

This is only the first part of our two-Friday webinar series. We hope that by the end of the session, we’ll be able to answer these two questions: Do you really want to do it? Can you do it?

Thank you to everyone who joined today. See you again next Friday.

God bless and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Webinar Series: Part 2

It’s Friday again for Strategy and Strategic Planning as we continue our webinar series today, March 12, from 2:00PM-5:00PM UAE time via Zoom.

Our speaker, Sir Johann V. Salangsang, started with a recap of the topics discussed last Friday and began his presentation with Five Forces Analysis (Porter). The participants were also able to gain more understanding about Competitive Intelligence, Macro Environment, PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis (and the importance of honesty) and TOWS Analysis and their focus environments, B-I-C-E, Type of Competitive Advantage being pursued, Hierarchy of Strategies and many others.

One of the importance of strategy can be realized from these lines:

“Good strategy making is inseparable from good business entrepreneurship. One cannot exist without the other”.

Sir Johann also emphasized the role of accountants and encourage everyone to evaluate our skills, increase value, deliver insights and advance our career. According to him, “If you know the process, you have something to say”. To close the webinar, he shared his favorite quote “Strategy facilitates winning. Winning and success is rarely a random process.”

It was indeed another successful learning session for PICPAns and we hope that we can all apply the lessons today not only for work but most importantly for improving ourselves.

Thank you to all the participants who joined and finished the two-Friday webinar series. Special thanks to our speaker, Sir Johann Salangsang, to our supportive past presidents and partners, PICPA officers headed by our President Ms. Angel Alulod, our hosts – Ms. Mildred Mumar, Mr. Joseph Bitong and Ms. Rocsan Cuarez, our moderator – Mr. Alvin Calledo, our tech expert – Ms. Jerrie Mae Conde, Ms. Monica Encarnacion, our Executive Vice President – Ms. Haydee Reyes and to all officers working behind the scene.

Again, thank you and see you on our next event!

To God be the glory!


FY 2019 - 2020 Membership Reactivation Program


PICPA ED MEMO No. 007 FY 2019-2020




DATE:   SEPTEMBER 04, 2019








FOR FY 2019-2020 (REVISED)


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