President's Message




A Time to Give Back

by: Al Masayon


PICPA theme for this year - “SHINE” will never be complete without proactive service to our community. We have been blessed with favor and abundance by our Almighty for all our hard works and endeavor throughout the year. Now, it’s time to share these providence.


Our gratitude to our fellow PICPAns in Abu Dhabi who did not hesitate to participate in our outreach service towards our Kababayans in the wards of the Philippine Embassy Shelter, Abu Dhabi last 2 February 2018.  A simple program turned out to be memorable filled with laughter and fun. 


Members' Corner

Far and Beyond

by: Don Limjap

In the midst of  reconciliation,

Drops a memory of retention.

A part of my childhood while having a great imagination

Im competent to create my dreams and aspiration.


The world is so vague and full of suspense.

I tried to understand and feeling intense,

The depth of creation, I greatly investigate.

One by one, shallow as it is while others intimate.


Realized the field of so called momentum

Wonder of cycles started to opens up the phantom,

Fortified with knowledge I aimed the expectation

Towards my self-directed ambition.


Learned and tackle my rules

Continue to the realm of motivation,

Now as I reached , stopped and realized.


Dominion invades deception. 

PICPA National

72nd PICPA Annual National Convention