“Transform: Embracing Possibilities, Realizing Potentials”

The meaning behind the Poster          


THE poster is showing a person on one side holding a bulb which is ignited – this is a representation of enlightenment; or we can say, it is the “eureka” which sparks something in our minds that means the “this is it” moment. This is the ultimate goal. It’s what I want to achieve to provide an overall good impact in the world. The person then will start a journey and take the necessary steps to be able to achieve what lies in his mind, what lies in the still inexistent future. 

As the person passes through the vague and sometimes dark ways just to attain what’s on the other side, he always makes sure to have in himself the “R.E.D.” or RED qualities. These are Resiliency, Empowerment and Dynamism to say the least. The RED qualities will be of great help for the person to achieve anything he desires, even the never-been-done interplanetary human exploration.

As an overarching thought in the poster, let us all keep in our mind that this year’s PICPA National Theme is “Transform: Embracing Possibilities, Realizing Potentials”. The theme is very interesting and clear, there is one uniform message that lies within it, that is ACTION! Transform, Embrace and Realize are all words of action. That means that we as mostly finance professionals are urged to ACT. We can’t just wait around to be nudged by someone or something else. Let me breakup the word Transform into two. “Trans” in Latin means “beyond” and “Form” is “to create something”. We need to go beyond the limitations of today for us to create the future.


Going back to the main point though it might sound cliché, but my fellow PICPANS, always remember that we can’t spell ACCOUNTING without ACTION.