The legacy PICPA Abu Dhabi has created for the past 20 years of service to our Filipino Finance and Accounting Professionals has tremendously created an opportunity to grow and connect all of us working away from home and feel like were always at home in PICPA Abu Dhabi. Together we have shared our experience, knowledge, skills and time to each other which allows us to continue on growing beyond numbers. 


As we redefine the roles of CPAs, we thrive to become more visible in each of our organizations, in the department that we work with, in the support that we provide on the operations, to the insights we see on the market that we shared on building with our finance leadership and even to outside world of our work cabins, to build an impact and become change agent in continuing the commitment we have on professional excellence with a global perspective.


As we uphold our core values of the highest ideals of professionalism, we stay open to partnership, teamwork, advancing with technologies, embracing innovations and staying true to our social responsibility as advocates of discipline on our ethical standards. 


This year, we continue to create an impact by providing more opportunity to our members, build a social responsibility and showing the capability of Filipino Finance and Accounting Professionals on leadership, upgrading the experience of our members, getting more inclusive on suggestions on how to make our organization grow, reaching to our co-PICPANs and building our core relationship as a family who supports each other.


Together, we build an impact, together we grow and shape our chapter beyond numbers.


Lets Dream BIG! And Take Action!


Mabuhay po tayong Lahat!


Chad Myko Bayon-on, CPA, CMA, CSCA, CIA

PICPA Abu Dhabi President 2023-2024